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Karl Playnsek – Seaholme

David Tansek from Money Makes Money Finance is the only broker that has shown me, and some of my clients, the reasons why and how to separate an investment property from the family home.

He has shown me six very good reasons why that should be done with every investment.

David is working with many lenders, and by separating the properties, he secured for me the best loan for a specific purpose from different banks.

He has also shown me how to retain the property (without costing me money out of my pocket), and make greater gains, rather then take profit by selling.

David very capably shows clients how to structure the finance to their best advantage in different circumstances.

To get the best results,

Testimonials are not always easy to make, but I would recommend any investor see David before they look for an investment property. Instead of just obtaining a mortgage, David provides expert advice on how to structure the partners’ finances for different requirements.

Karl Playnsek (New Home Consultant for 18 years) – Seaholme Vic. 0402 335 307

R. Collaco – Sunbury

David Tansek from Money Makes Money Finance came to my rescue after a recommendation from a friend, when I found myself in trouble with another mortgage broker who charged me up-front fee of $300.00 for a service he did not provide.

Time was against me, because on a recommendation from the broker who assured me that everything was OK, I took a calculated risk and committed to a building plan and paid 10% deposit on land. Settlement date was fast approaching, but I still had no finance approval.

I was in a serious trouble and likely to lose the lot, when David came to my home and worked out a rescue plan. In a matter of days he secured finance approval with the ANZ , and the wheels started turning.

Thanks to David, I was able to go ahead with my house, and also secured the First Home Owners Grant of $10,000.00, just in the nick of time as it was soon thereafter reduced to $7,000.00.

I recommend Money Makes Money Finance to anyone who is looking for finance advice. David helped me when I was in need, and am sure he can do the same for you.

R. Collaco – Sunbury

Daryl Cutajar, Hoppers Crossing

Dear David,
Thank you for all the help that you gave me by obtaining finance for a block of Land.

I was on a saving plan with a builder and was told I would have no problem getting finance for a house and land package. So I was told to put the 5% deposit on the block of land. Then one week before the settlement date, I was given the bad news that I could not get a loan.

At that stage I was going to lose the land that I was counting on, and so my dreams were shattered. I was desperately looking for a solution, and by luck you were recommended to me. Within one week you were able to find the solution, and I was able to settle for the block of land.

David, once again, thank you very much, and I will be contacting you again for the house construction loan.

I would recommend you to anyone that needs a competent person to solve their financial matters.

Thank you again.

Daryl Cutajar, Hoppers Crossing

Yadzia Kubasiewicz

I, Yadzia Kubasiewiz, have known David Tansek in a professional capacity for over five years, when I was working as sales consultant for a builder.

We were supposed to send all applications to exclusive broker, which was aligned with a builder, but that did not always work.

I can recall a situation when that broker was not able to obtain high enough loan for my client – a single mother on part pension.

She was vividly shaken when she was told that she has to downsize the house, because she can not afford the higher loan amount. I felt sorry for her and called David to the rescue. I was pleasantly surprised when David was able to obtain that extra amount for her.

The client was ecstatic that she was finally been able to obtain the house of her dream at an affordable price and low rate mortgage.

My testimonial is very simple by last line!

I highly recommend David to anyone, even if they were dealing with a Bank direct, or a builders’ broker.

Yadzia Kubasiewicz

Steven Rovolidis, Property Consultant

This letter has been prepared as an acknowledgement to the fine work and dedicated service that I have received from someone who has been of great assistance to me personally and to my clients.

I have always found David Tansek to be professional in his attitude and he has always endeavoured to offer the best solutions available to his clients.

He has a wealth of knowledge regarding finance and financial planning and has an ability to source outstanding opportunities for the benefit of his client base.

I have no hesitation in offering my endorsement of David Tansek and Money Makes Money financial

I look forward to continuing my business association with David Tansek and recommend him as a finance professional and valued business associate.

Steven Rovolidis, Property Consultant.