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Superannuation Mortgage

Has your accountant explained you the advantage of Superannuation Mortgage?

A few questions you may ask yourself here:

Faster growing Superannuation

Superannuation Mortgage Grows asset faster than just cash.

  • Is my accountant conversant with SMSF?
  • How much is it going to cost me to set it up?
  • Is it to my advantage setting it up?

Taking in consideration above questions, we may then look for major benefits:

  1. You can now borrow property investment in SMSF
  2. Low Tax in super fund
  3. Make Tax deduction to put money into super
  4. No tax on rental income when retired
  5. No capital gain Tax when retired
  6. We can show you how to have yield of 40+% on cash component
  7. If investing in properties, and above age of 40 years, it may be definitely in your advantage

You can now buy property with Superannuation fund, but there are few government requirements:

Superannuation Mortgage

Superannuation Mortgage

  • You have to have SMSF (Self managed Super Fund)
  • You can only buy an establish property
  • LVR is generally 70%, but we can help you to get 80% without LMI
  • Each property has to have Bear Trust

By our association with solicitors and accountants, we can help you with setting that up as well.

You can now buy property with Superannuation Mortgage, instead of just using cash in Supper Fund. Gearing same way as Investment Mortgage.

Borrowing with SMSF gives you same leverage as per Investment property scenario, but has TAX benefits. Your accountant, if conversant in SMSF, should be able to explain you that.

Short version  of property in Super fund is, that you have Tax advantages in Superannuation assets, compared to normal investment property.

We also know that super funds are not performing as expected, so your super may grow faster if you have personal control. Investing in property – Superannuation Mortgage may be another way to increase asset in your super.

SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) may be a very good opportunity to do so.

That could be significant when your retirement is due.

We show you competitive interest rates in superannuation funds, and how to run it.

Interest rates start with 4.84%

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