Low Doc

Low Dock Mortgage

Low Doc is a way of getting finance for self employed.

Low Doc is available for self employed individuals that can not produce full financials at that time.

Some lenders advertise Low Doc, but obtaining them – requirements are close to full doc.

Most accountants are also aware of big banks requirements, and their implications of signing Accountants letter, so they may not want to sign it.

But have you been exposed to a simple Low Doc?

Look at our requirements – call us, or send an email request.

We can offer:Low Dock Mortgage


  1. ABN for 6 months (or less with some lenders)
  2. Cash out for Working Capital
  3. Payment of Tax Debt.
  4. Unrestricted cash out up to 80% LVR.


  1. Including Business loans secured at Home Loan rates.
  2. Allowance for missed repayments.
  3. Reduce interest rate to pay off Credit Cards, etc


  1. Structuring to repay loan sooner without paying extra
  2. Make profit to your account, instead of bank.

Other points:

  • Competitive variable interest rate
  • Reduced paperwork requirements (easy accountants letter)
  • 100% Offset facility
  • Free Internet redraws

Low Doc Loans are available for:

  • Purchase or Refinance owner occupied property
  • Purchase or Refinance investment property
  • Debt consolidations
  • Home renovations
  • Investment purposes
  • Construction of owner occupied or investment property
  • Rural and residential property, etc…

They could be used for just same purpose as full financials, except that they may be at slightly higher interest rate, but are available here.

Some self employed businesses are too preoccupied with their tasks, so when there is a need for finance, they fall short. Obtaining finance may be vital, but they do not qualify.Approved

We say  – Approved” ! Call us today!