Interest Rates

Interest rates in Australia are among the highest in the world, so it is critical you have the best deal!

We pay much higher then most western world interest rates.  If you have major bank loan, you may be  paying too much than what you can get elsewhere.

Get second opinion.

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We can start with low mortgage interest rate from:

Fixed Rates:


1 2 3 4 5

Rate %

 3.69     3.99  3.89 4.21 4.29
Revert rate ($250K) 5.00 3.86 5.00 4.61


However, lowest interest rates do not always guarantee the best loan option, or one you may qualify for!

interest rates

Tailored finance structure can help you to repay it off sooner, without paying extra!.

That may be your priority, wouldn’t you agree?! 

We can also show you best interest rates on SMSF, and highest LVR (leverage)

Some other comparisons!





HORIZON Offset Home Orange MAV





Standard Variable (Minimal loan $50,000 )

(LVR 80%)

    Loan Package (Up to ($500K LVR 80%)     Advantage ($150 to <$500k – LVR <80%)     Standard Variable rate
LVR <80%)

    Standard Variable Package.
LVR <80%)



3.89% 4.09% 4.37%


 Comparison 3.76%  4.13%  4.66% 6.00%  4.87%
MAX LOAN AMOUNT $2.000,000 $749,999 $1.250,000 $100.000,000 $100,000,000

STD Variable 3.74% – 80% LVR – P&I – comparison 3.78%.

Some banks offer lower rates for higher loan amount, or if you borrow at lover LVR.

Examples show that we can give you an Off Set loan on cheaper rates than basic STD variable!

However if you are on HIGH Income, and have  investment property, you may look at 2% rate…

Investor rates -> 2% – if home coupled with Investment…admin-ajax-300x1421

No bank comparison!

Regardless of the Interest rates, we will show you how you can repay your loan quicker!

WE Do it all for you – get second opinion! There is much more than banks may tell you! Also forget the online calculators – most of the time they are just marketing tool, and you will get hooked up with something you regret later!

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