There are various insurances that you may need to have, and others that may be a choice. If you do not have preferred insurance Co., talk to us, and we can recommend, or arrange it for you.

You do need:

  • House insurance
  • Car insurance (if you have a car)
  • Landlord insurance (in case of investment properties)
  • In case that you borrowed more than 80% of security, you are also obligated to pay for “mortgage insurance” (That insurance covers Bank’s risk, and does not provide insurance for you, in case of your hardship!)

There are insurances to cover your mortgage, but they could be purchased separately.

And there are others that are not essential, but recommended:

  • House content,
  • Life Insurance,
  • Accident Insurance,
  • Income protection, etc…

With our help of choosing the right mortgage, you may chose that we handle that as well, or you obtain it with your professionals…

Our Professional Financial Planners will be able to asses your needs, and recommend you the other insurance need as well.

Like mortgages and interest rates, just a cheaper insurance quote may not be the best solution. You ought to be aware what they cover, and where you may be exposed, or due to changed circumstances, you may need extra cover.

We also inform you what other insurances you may need for your mortgages, and could also provide some of them.