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Home Mortgages – Refinance

You may ask yourself why and when should I refinance?

In Australia we are paying one of the highest mortgage rates, so you should make sure that you have the best deal in the constrained market. If you are having any other debt, it is even worse.

Getting a better deal – repay your mortgage off sooner – BY PAYING LESS  (in most cases – rates around 4% – depending on your circumstances!)



WE Guarantee to get you a better deal.

There could also be many other reasons where lending circumstances have changed, but most prominent may be:

  • Looking for better Financial structure – Getting a better deal
  • Equity loan  – “Repay it off early without paying extra –> saving $100th of thousands in interest” call us!
  • Have got extra equity – maybe you can start a wealth portfolio
  • Have home loan health check
  • Better rates when rates rise or fall
  • New lender or products on the market
  •  More flexibility
  • Moving house
  • Resizing house
  • Debt consolidation – very good option –> look at Debt consolidation (under Services)
  • Your accountant advise due to Tax structure
  • Your financial circumstances have changed (maybe investment, etc)

Jobs may not be as secure, as in the past, and if you lose your job, most likely you may also have trouble of repaying your home mortgage. Result may be a devastating repossession. Think about it before it is too late!

So what is the solution?

If we show you how you can secure your home mortgage, and also repay it early – without paying extra, and have “safety belt” (cash at call), would  this not be a sufficient for your curiosity to find out?

As stated before, especially if you were with one lender for period of time, it is wise to have mortgage health check. We can help with over 30 lenders to compare products to “Move your $’s further”!

Call us!

We provide home loan advice and efficient service.

We are accredited through ASIC Finsure, Masters Broker Group . MFAA, COSL, and have met the education standards and adhere to strong code of ethics

We manage your loan from start to finish.

Save time and money, we can source up to 30 different lenders, and can compare products with our modern computer analysis. 

Enquire about your complimentary health check with us today!