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Debt Consolidation

Why use debt consolidation?

Is Your Bottom Line $$$ Important?

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation

If the answer is yes, then please read on.
An example showing how to improve your cash flow

Jim and Linda had the following monthly outgoings before contacting us.

Home Loan
$590.00 per Month
Car Loan
$620.00 per Month
Personal Loan
$345.00 per Month
Credit Card
$180.00 per Month
 Total monthly repayments
 $1,735.00  per Month

After contacting us…

$719.00 Repayments per Month
$1,016.00 Cash Savings per Month

All loans were consolidated into one with another bank
Jim and Linda now also have a benefit of Equity Loan
All their income is now helping to pay loan off much faster!

In this exampleThey will repay their Mortgage 15 years earlier, and have reduced overall repayments.
They also have $10,000.00 extra available cash in case of need.

In essence, we are consolidating debt into one bigger debt.

Consider advantages:

  • Lower repayments
  • You can always pay extra (if funds are available)
  • Repayment are most of the time on lower rates
  • More manageable scenario
  • In time of hardship it may save repossession
  • Funds available to redraw if you paid same amount (or balance is in the everyday account)

Most important – we show you how to repay it quicker by paying less, because all your money is contributing to it!

Debt consolidation can save you from many headaches, simplify your daily routine, instead of worry what to pay next, and so on.

Looking at above example, it is simply unimaginable how things could be turned around to your benefit.

Isn’t it a screaming issue to find out more about it? Give us a call!  –    0414 884 148