Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics is important for clients satisfaction, and essential in Finance industry.

We act with Honesty & Integrity at all times & comply with all Laws & Regulations which relate to the Mortgage Industry. We take Code of Ethics seriously, and with pride.
We act on behalf of our clients to provide them with our Best Solution for their Individual Needs.

On page “about us” we also disclose all our qualifications, and associations.

We encourage you to also check our client’s testimonials.

Conflict of Interest

We have no interest to “up sell” any particular product or service, but rather to provide you with all relevant information to empower you. We give you choices to select best product to suit your particular needs in your specific situation.



We maintain confidentiality in all dealings with you. Client’s information is only provided to relevant institutions for obtaining their mortgage. Your information is safe with us.

We are governed by the Rules and Ethical Standards of the Finance Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), Masters Broker Group, Finsure, and ASIC regulations.  being a Credit Rep. of Finsure Agregator – License Number 384704. – ACN – 097470632


Australian Credit Licence holder Finsure Finance and Insurance Pty Ltd (ACN 068 153 926)
Address Level 24, 52 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone and e-mail 1300 346 787
Australian Credit Licence number 384704
Internal Complaints Officer contact details Compliance and Customer Service Manager – details as above
External Dispute Resolution Scheme details Credit & Investments Ombudsman

phone 1800 138 422

 Our credit representatives 

We have appointed a number of Credit Representatives to provide services to you. Details of the Credit Representative with whom you are dealing are:

Credit Representative’s name David Tansek
Address 50 Tatura Crescent, Broadmeadows VIC 3047
Phone 03 9309 5197
Credit Representative number 399595
External Dispute Resolution Scheme details Credit & Investments Ombudsman

phone 1800 138 422