Car finance

Car finance  done quick

We provide car finance for individuals, as well as for companies.

Car finance

You may see very enticing finance offer from car dealership, but it may also cost you more than it should. Check car price without finance (cash price), contact us, then compare.

We can also help you with finance for cars not bought through dealership.

It could be done several ways, from new dealership to ordinary car yards, or refinance your own car.

It could be done very quick, providing you have all the details. It is probably better to get a good deal than new car finance from a dealer, because it could save you a lot of money overall.

Do your sums after you get our quotation.

Look for best deal

  • Quick service
  • Great rates
  • Cars up to 14 years loan span  = (various lenders)
  • Up to 150% of car value (to include all costs – various deals)
  • Minor defaults OK
  • Major defaults still considered
  • Personal up to 1 ton
  • Commercial up to 4 ton