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Problem: In Australia we are paying one of the highest interest rates in the imagesTKDFOC68world!

Are you winning your game of money?

We can show you how to:

  • Pay Your mortgage off 5 -15 years earlier
  • Money you spend on your bills can also help payments
  • Have lower INTEREST RATES than offered by major banks.

Solution: Make your mortgage work for you! We Guarantee you  a  Better Deal

 MMM Finance provides Finance Solution and Structure!
 We are in Melbourne, but can do your mortgage Australia wide. 

  • Do you have a Home mortgage, or Investment mortgage – or getting one?
  • Is all of your money repaying mortgage – or just installments?
  • Would you like to own your home sooner – without paying extra?
  • How about consolidate your debts?
  • If buying investment property – do you know your numbers, or how to go about it?
  • Ten Financial things you need to know about investment property, not to bite you later.
  • Stressing about your mortgage, or investment, because jobs are not secure – talk to us!
  • If you’re either time poor or information poor – we can help!
  • WE Do it all for you – get second opinion! There is more than banks may tell you!
  • Take advantage of special offers and free mortgage check up!

 We can help you:

  • How to get better type mortgage and cut years off your term
  • All your money helps to pay mortgage off, not just your repayments
  • You pay mortgage off quicker by paying less
  • How to consolidate all your debts, pay less, and enjoy your life
  • Talk to us even if others couldn’t help
  • Quick car loan, or other commercial loan purpose 

With some standard mortgages you may pay three times the amount of loans to repay it.

We show you how to repay it years earlier.

Most Home owners are buying one house and pay for three! Would you like to do better?admin-ajax-300x1421

If you go “direct to banks” Your home may be in danger if anything goes wrong with your property investment – it could be fatal! . 

We structure your finance to your best advantage.

You do need FINANCIAL STRUCTURE before you buy Investment Property!

Good mortgage, and worst investment property is better then good investment property and poor structure! – 

Proper structure could save you a lot of money and worry, also reducing your home mortgage sooner. 

Right mortgage will reduce your balance ratio without market  increase.

Our association with top specialists in property investment, will help you research for the right property investment by approved “property investment” criteria. 

When buying an investment property, it is important to understand the local market and conditions. 

Call David now for your property investment advice on  +61 0414 884 148 
email:  david@mmmfinance.com.au